Without exageration the Organizational Psychopath describes fully 50% of the commissioned officers I worked for.
It had become all to clear by the mid 1990’s that the slection criteria for commissioned officers was based on psychopathic performance indicators of the the Officers who had preceded them.
It is this is why teh Force has and continues to be the Culturte of corruption that it has become.


Modern organizational management and Human Resource Development have been keenly aware for nearly 30 years that organizational psychopaths woven in and walking among the organization can have a catastrophic effect on their “business”, profit, reputation and survivability. You need to look only recently at the Wall Street and Bay Street collapses that were perpetuated by classic psychopathic behaviour driven by greed and arrogance.

Now take what we know as police officers that a large portion of crime is committed by a small number of offenders. Within that group of criminals psychologists have identified the characteristics of “psychopaths”. They are responsible for the highest degree of repeat offences and damage to society. Now consider a psychopathic employee/manager that when analyzed is responsible for a far higher than normal  degree of workplace dysfunction by bullying, harassing and unethical manipulation. Therefore, the repeat offender/bad employee poses tremendous risk to us all, do you know any in a Detachment near you? Could this over time…

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